About | UGGO Drinks

UGGO Drinks is a brand of Real Tropical Food.

Real Tropical Food is a young and dynamic company that brings unique drinks to the market. The UGGO drinks have been in launched in 2016 and are a great success.

The UGGO drinks can be divided into two categories; Cream soda drinks and Refreshing drinks.

Our first taste was the Strawberry Creamsoda. We wanted to create a special strawberry drink. We came up with the idea to combine strawberry and cream. And the Uggo Strawberry Creamsoda was born.

After this became a success, we decided to bring more unique flavors to the market. The creamsoda with Melon and Cassis flavors followed quickly. Besides the creamdsodas we have developed two more refreshing flavors; Blueberry/Raspberry and Mojito.